Saturday, June 09, 2007

Structural Discussion

I was invited back to my old writers' group on Friday to talk to them about what I've been doing at NAW. As part of my screenplay module I've been developing a 10 page document for the analysis and commentary of the plot and structure, so I duplicated the first 8 pages (the last two relate to Dramatica's Deep Theory, and only a few people won't lose their minds when confronted with such horrific chaos) and took them along to help the discussion.

It went quite well, considering there were only 6 out of a possible 12, 3 were from the poets group, 1 was a librarian, 1 left early (as he always does), and 1 failed to even feign contempt that I deigned to talk at them about my wonderful new toys - pah!

I will be uploading the analysis document onto my website (check the links on the right) as soon as everything's done and handed in at UCE (it will include the two pages on Dramatica too).

Anyhoo, yes, it went well, and after 40 minutes I'd managed to loosely cover Field's 3 Act Structure, Hauge's Motivation and Conflicts Chart, Vogler's Hero's Journey and Archetypes as well as unifying themes.

The only learning point for future discussions is to consolidate on existing examples, not just my own (though of course they already exist here). Whilst I could come up with a few, I did stumble when put on the spot.

The handouts were well received and I was complimented on using diagrams and tables and having broken everything down into constituent parts for easy reading.

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