Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Celestine Prophecy

Back before I moved jobs in 2001/02, I joined a society of Spiritualist Churches and Psychic Circles. We practiced everything from pscyhometry to mediumship, tarot cards and clairvoyance. It was in that phase of looking for something more that I came across the Celestine Prophecy, an adventure into spirituality. They tip it as Indy Jones meets Moses. Yeah, right!

Was it a good book? I can't remember beyond it being functional in getting the reader from A to B to develop the next spiritual idea, but an awful lot of people deride it as much as the Da Vinci Code, and yet since its release in 1993 it has sold and sold and sold... personally I blame all the spiritualists. We... they think it helps open up the chakras and shows the way toward true enlightenment. Sure, I believed it, just as I did when I bought other books on mediumship, meditation, communing with spirits, etc, et al.

But honestly, if what they are trying to make us believe is true and possible, then why in 15 years hasn't it made a difference? Believers never question that. It's crazy *SIGH* but then, I didn't question it back then. It was too much fun to believe it.

So, imagine my surprise to see that they released a movie of it last year - straight to DVD of course, but it'll be around a bit longer yet to stoke the fires of mythology (It could happen!)

Spiritual evolution... everyone's talking about it one way or another... but seriously, my arse!

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