Friday, June 15, 2007

A Special Place in Hell...

... is reserved for me, I think.

I've just been told off for joking about someone who, this morning, can't see. In my defence all I was told was that my colleague has to go off to another branch because they're low on staff, because this particular member of staff can't see!

Which is silly, at least I thought it was, and of course medical conditions occur all the time. Anyhoo, I just laughed at the idea of it (this poor person waking up in the morning and not being able to see) and I said: "I'd like to see you go stack some books! All that time you spent on your Library Degree isn't worth much now is it, bee-yatch!"

Bee-yatch, incidentally reminds me of that snowboarding film that Harrison Ford cameoed in t'other year - "What's up beeee-yaatch!" - Hilarious!

Yes, so I'd completely disregarded any notion that she might be blind for real - how weird, crappy and horrendous would that be?

I was reminded also of the time I was sat at my desk, facing the window and the ringroad as I do, when a small child went past, and suddenly disappeared, as in this kid tripped on the manhole and fell over.

Needless to say that I found this amusing, so much so, that I laughed... out loud... like some donkey on smack. I mean, kids run about and fall over all the time. Though they may cry, they're more shocked than hurt, and I kept replaying that moment when the figure changed direction from horizontal rush to vertical dive. Kids eh?

The problem was that it turned out, pretty much immediately, that it wasn't a child, but a small old lady. I had mistaken this poor old dear for some young tween. Shock horror! The bigger problem was I couldn't stop my hee-hawing. She'd literally tripped over the manhole and fallen in the mud.

She glared in through the window before shuffling off - didn't see me, because I was ducked beneath the desk, still chortling, and saw only my colleague who was sat there in shock that this lady had fallen over, that I was laughing and then that she was getting the evils.

There must be a special place in Hell reserved for me.

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