Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Ever get that feeling that the plot of the latest blockbuster or TV drama is pretty lame?

Well, that's what the subtitle asked of this year's FeverPitch, one of the competitions going on at this years Screenwriters' Festival over in Cheltenham next week. Just pop in your pitch and synopsis by... last Friday... and they'll pick out 10 people to go along to the festival and pitch to the crowd. Channel 4 were looking for sci-fi related stock this year (film and TV). I entered, but go nowhere (as usual) *SOB* Probably came 599 out of the 600 applicants, and only besting some poor sod who was applying for viagra online and simply e-mailed the wrong address.

At least they replied promptly - though I can't share the e-mail because I deleted it immediately before I had a chance to mope over it, wondering where I went wrong... maybe it actually said I'd been shortlisted!

Anyhoo, I pitched the screenplay series I'd been perfecting for my NAW module. It's interesting how having submitted my screenplay and analysis last week, all done and dusted, that I rewrote the 150 word synopsis a further 5 times for the competition!

Here it is... 25-word pitch:

What if the world’s coma victims shared a single consciousness that existed at the crossroads between life and death?

And the 150 word synopsis:

Edward Baker’s unaware he’s in a coma. He’s reliving the day of his car crash not realising he’s sharing his consciousness with the minds of other coma victims. Instead he’s focused upon being selfless; a trait that once endeared him to his pregnant wife, Claire, but now drives a wedge in their relationship. Edward blames himself for his parents' deaths. His guilt has driven his impulse to take on the concerns of others including his business partner, Mark’s, double-cross of a dangerous businessman. Suffering brief déjà vu-like visions of the future and haunted by a bloody reflection of his real-self, Edward struggles with his responsibilities, but he can’t be everything to everyone. When he tries to prevent the kidnapping of a Russian woman, Alisha, he is hurled into a life-threatening struggle to uncover Alisha’s secret about the crossroads between life and death and the true power of the Dark Machine.

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