Sunday, June 10, 2007


This week's Doctor Who sure was scary, and actually, really, bloody good! I was surprised by that. I love Doctor Who because it's sci-fi, quirky, people die, the Doctor is an interesting character and often they come up with good ideas for the show (sometimes not, but that's life), and most importantly, the Doctor Who theme rocks.

Anyhoo, this weeks episode Blink was truly a speciality, funny, scary, well written, convoluted plot that really makes use of the time-travel mythos, and puts the Doctor into a minor role, kind of as mentor.

Usually the narrative for Doctor Who is straight forward, the tension meek and the dramatics overly, er... dramatic, but not here, not this one. And no wonder, writer Steve Moffat has done some great writing in the past. You're only as good as your script. And with that in mind, I'm back off to look at how I can bolster mine.

Check out some of the plot for Blink.

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solv said...

The power of unnatural movements, of the familiar desecrated, of motor actions (blinking) made lethal.
And no countdown for a change!
Best Who of the series so far :o)