Monday, June 18, 2007

Discovering the Treasure of Charolastra

And so it is uncovered, this gold from deep within the Aztec-ian hills:
It comes down to not so much writing what you know, but writing what makes you feel. You get that emotional connection between subconscious, your real world, and the world inside the pages, and you can construct a story that makes an impact on you.

Both Solvey and Mr. Cox have shouted in my ear for emotional content, and MG's references are only now striking a chord (C Major, I think). There is a time and a place for learning and development. We strike up the mountain of knowledge and end up on a stretching plateau where we believe we're not learning anything. Simply put we must consolidate upon what we have learnt previously before going on. I hope this means I'm about to take my next step up. Maybe I won't get it :)

It goes hand in hand with my new book (well, not my new book): Writing for Emotional Impact, by Karl Iglesias. People want emotional relativity in what they see, read, interact with. Let's see if I can turn that onto my new fiction project.

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