Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Worry about the Unknown

I popped to Sandhurst Library today on my rounds - Sandhurst being the furthest of the branches and actually located in Surrey - and one of that staff asked me if I'd collected my £25.


When we had the Salley Vickers event there one of the photographers from the Surrey and Hants Star took some photos of us with Salley, and that was used in an article they ran on the event t'other week. It turns out that every week they circle one of the people in one of the photos. That person then has until the end of the next day, or the end of the week, or something, to go down to the newspaper's Aldershot offices and claim a free £25 prize!

Which is crazy, and rather lucky of me, except... I'd missed out on learning this and on seeing my ringed phizog being posted in the paper. So, no £25 for me after all. *SIGH*

The question is, do I really want papers in another borough running pictures of me, with a ring around my head, pointing me out to millions of people?

Aiye! What price anonymity? Not that any of them will remember me the next week - I've learnt that from my brother's tribunal and frontpage appearance - but it's disoncerting nevertheless. I hoped I looked good!

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