Thursday, May 31, 2007


It is my birthday today and what better way to hail in the next year than by going food shopping after work and then watching a couple of kids movies with a shandy in hand (not a hand shandy, thank you).

At least I got an e-mail from my second mother, wishing me a happy birthday - my first mother is off in the Scilly... Silly... Sicily... Childish Isles... oh it is Scilly Isles!

Why do I have a second mother? Well, it all started 28 years ago today. Are you sitting comfortably?

Basically when I started work for the library service I came across a branch supervisor whose son is the same age as me... has the same star sign... shares the same birth month... was born on the same day in fact! Turns out she gave birth to her son in the same hospital my mum was at - just opposite Ascot Race course.

Serendipity has brought us together, though don't worry, it's not like either of us are worried that I was swapped at birth. What is interesting is that whether or not you believe the stars and horoscopes and the such like guide are destinies or tell us who we'll become, my second mother's son and I share similar behavioural traits, have similar back injuries (his from a car accident, me from Tae Kwon-Do) and similar tastes.

I can't be bothered to go into more depth here, because I know the depth of those similarities... you'll just have to believe me ;)


solv said...

Hey, hey! Happy bidet my friend.
Was just about to mail you my feedback on your ss's, but I think I'll wait 'til tomorrow ;o)
To soften the blow, I've posted about truth over on the maggot farm.
Have a great evening!

esruel said...

I wonder, does your 'twin' have a blog? And a pack of cards?
All the best, Rich. Lots of 'em!

R1X said...

I haven't asked... and I don't think I will :)

And don't wait Solvey, bring on the pain! *SOB*