Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Golden Compass

Aside from the obvious statements of: Why change the name you fools; the first of Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials will soon be out in the cinemas. Along with Harry Potter, I'm really looking forward to this. I see it as a well devised world, built upon a deep mythology (the objective story - as Dramatica would say), around which the world revolves and fractures. As with all good childrens stories, into this a child goes, and must battle with their own wits as well as the wits of those who threaten the child's mind and soul - ooh, deep stuff.

And of course, it always helps to have set up possible franchise elements - for example, who would be able to ignore a personal Daemon plushy? Oh, and this would be mine... taken from the Golden Compass Movie Site:

Hmm, shy? Possibly. Isn't it funny how we construct these things (as in, answer questions) in the hope of getting a cool animal, character, Daemon... when we should be filling the forms out objectively in order to see who we are, not try to coerce it... come on... we all do it... don't we?

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