Friday, May 11, 2007

Book and Roll

What could be more rock and roll than the library, eh? Over the years, rockstars have taken copious amounts of drugs, fallen out of coconut trees, thrown furniture out of hotel windows, had vast amounts of sex, played to millions, and contributed vastly to the carbon footprint by jetting all across the world.

The library, by contrast, is an often quiet place, where old dears come to bitch about public services, foreign nationals surf the web for hours on end, communicating with their family back home whilst trying to apply for permanent visas, or simply applying for jobs, whilst stinking, wretched regulars make everyone sick on their fumes. And here in the basement some idiot runs amok with the IT equipment, some writing, lots of loud music, a chair on wheels and anything he can find to leap out at people from behind pillars just to scare them - what a crack!

Anyhoo, the library, that wonderful place where, recently, my boss pointed out that only 10% of the town's population come, that lonely, grey building that every other corporate worker looks down upon for being "just the library", that down-sizing establishment of old folk and kids schlepping of school, is soon to be home... to a rockstar.

I kids you not, and no, this isn't about Michael Jackson, anyone from Kiss, or Scooch (as soon as they lose... ahem, win, Eurovision). No! If this person gets the job, and it's fairly difficult, I'm sure, to get a job having spent the past 10+ years doing nothing but strumming and wailing, then the library will be home to a member of the Coo-

Er... I think that would be against the Data Protection Act actually, if I gave the band name - I shouldn't know anything about, which means, neither should you - perhaps I'll let you know which recently split band this person is coming from... perhaps.

In the mean time we must sit back (it's better than working) and ponder upon how rock and roll it is to go from gigging to shelving?

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