Friday, May 04, 2007

The Reckoning - Beta Responses

Phew, a quick call to arms and my beta readers responded in kind. Four responses in five were positive:
  1. Thought it was good; good flow and structure. Nice story (though it was unfinished at the time).
  2. Only read it because it was me. Thought it too high-brow and overwritten.
  3. "Love what the story might become in the/my reader's mind, you're really good at building tension".
  4. Story was good, well structured and flowed, though it wasn't a genre they'd choose to read.
  5. Had to read it twice to understand. Great story, lots of questions, great structure. Brilliant.

I think I'm ready to submit now - and all that done in a week. Maybe I'm learning something. Perhaps I should have asked Solvey... oh, if I'd had more time. ;)

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solv said...

Always here for you buddy ;)
Like the new look btw.