Thursday, March 22, 2007

Screenwriting 103(3) - Vogler's Character Archetypes

Vogler lists seven character archetypes that appear frequently in folk tales and myths. They are:

The Hero archetype represents the ego’s search for identity and wholeness.

A positive figure who aids or trains the Hero.

Threshold Guardian
A powerful guardian at each new threshold who acts to keep the unworthy from entering.

Acts to issue challenges and announce the coming of significant change.

May mislead the Hero or keep her guessing: their loyalty and sincerity is often called into question.

Represents the energy of the dark side.; the unexpressed, unrealised, or rejected aspects of something.

Embodies the energies of mischief and desire for change. Clowns or comical sidekicks, but the Trickster Hero is common in many myths.

Note: Andy Conway says: "It is important to stress that Vogler sees these archetypes as masks, worn by the characters temporarily as they are needed to advance the story. A character might enter the story performing the function of a Herald, then switch masks to function as a Trickster, a Shadow or a Shapeshifter."

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