Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Screenwriting 102 - Michael Hauge

Michael Hauge, like Syd Field, is one of these Screenplay Uber-gurus, making a mint from providing sturdy advice to writers with no concept of plotting (enter... me). What does he have to say that differs from Syd's?

Michael looks at turning points based upon the 3 Act Structure:

- http://www.screenplaymastery.com/structure.htm

Note 4 important things.

  1. Each Act is now split in two with a Turning Point separating them (there are 5 Turning Points, according to Hauge)
  2. We now have 6 subActs according to those Turning Points
  3. The Turning Points have an alloted appearance based on a percentage of the whole size of the screenplay. This is important, since 25% of a 2 hour film (30 Minutes) is different from 25% of a 3 hour film (45 Minutes).
  4. 2 Turning Points are set, as per beginning/ending of Acts 1, 2 and 3. 3 Turning Points have an estimated appearance schedule.

Read http://www.screenplaymastery.com/structure.htm for a greater overview from Hauge himself.

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