Thursday, July 26, 2007

Warning - disturbing visceral imagery

So, I was called to the lending floor yesterday by the supervisor and found her stood at the printer collecting some sheets of paper. And right by where she was stood, a dirty looking man (dirty in the social-outcast kind of sense) was watching videos on Youtube of men in domestic settings being manhandled by scantily-clad muscled women.

That's nice! Well, er... he seemed to think so.... because his hand disappeared beneath the computer desk and I could clearly see him beating a rhythm - and he didn't appear to be listening to pop music. I guess you could call it funky!

To call me shocked is an understatement. I really can't think of a polite metaphor to use here so I'm going to avoid it. There we were, two members of staff on one side, another member of the public on the other. A third member of staff came over, and still he beat that rhythm.

Eventually - I say eventually because we were all taken aback enough to have to draw straws before someone would confront him, hoping not to get one in the eye - someone did go and ask him to stop.

We should have kicked him out then and there, certainly further thought helped us realise that rather than just being against the Library bylaws, it was against the law.

He's going to get a visit in the coming days by the Police, as are we! Yay, you know, I've spoken to the Police more times in the past few years than any normal citizen should have to - they are often so joyless.

Maybe if they spent some time with Mr Beater, they might learn to share that grin on his face.

Oh God, please tell me that's salad cream in my sandwich. Hurgh!

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