Saturday, July 21, 2007


Okay, first off - no spoilers. Next, I've done it. We woke up at 23:00 hours and joined the Waterstones queue at 23:15 - there were already 60 people in front of us. A mostly quiet time - still knackered from sleep - that trundled by. We grabbed our books and were home by 12:45. We immediately set about preparing snacks and drinks to keep us awake over the remaining hours before dawn.

So there we sat with the Deathly Hallows in our laps - all 600+ pages of it - and read, and read, and read. Laura got 20 pages ahead by 4am and fell asleep allowing me to breeze an extra 40 before I acknowledged my eyes were shut. Just as dawn was breaking we went up for a break, waking at 8, and continuing our mammoth task at 8:20.

And there we stayed until 10. And it's all down now. What a book! Overly long, epic, emotional, drawn out, so fast-paced as to fly, and brilliant.

And there we go. Harry Potter is at an end. Crazy.

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