Monday, April 09, 2007

Screenwriting 105 - The 1 Page Pitch

A One Page Pitch is used when pitching a TV series to a Commissioning Editor. It comprises of the concept, but not the plot. The plot is the enemy of the pitch. Instead focus upon the tone. It should comprise of the following necessary elements:
  1. Title
  2. Type of TV show, length of series and episode length
  3. Tag line
  4. Opening paragraph detailing the relevance of the project to the real world (possibly its themes)
  5. Make references to everything/anything that is similar (preferably successful and that you like) making subtle mention of the elements of their stories
  6. Set up the main characters, giving their traits.
  7. Make references to the type of world this is and the type of places frequented/visited by the characters.
  8. Give a brief about issues and conflicts.
  9. If there is anything specific about you that makes your insight into the project more powerful, add it here.
  10. Show the zeitgeist. Why does this fit? Is the time right?
  11. Sum up the tone and genre.
  12. Give a call to action (maintaining the tone).
With a feature film you'd give the conflict, the setup and the conclusion.

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