Friday, April 20, 2007

Like a deck of cards...

The admin lady came in this morning with something to give me. Sometime ago I boxed up all my Uni materials for my Degree in IT, my assignments, snatches of worksheets and user guides, and gave it all to the admin lady's daughter. I had no use for them anymore, and she was just starting her degree - it's a great way to shift crap without the hassle of having to dump it yourself.

Anyhoo, the admin lady says, 'I've got something of yours,' and she reminds me that I leant this box of rubbish and how her daughter hadn't taken it to Uni afterall and it's spent the last two years still boxed up... 'Untouched.' She wants to be clear on that point, before presenting me with something she'd pulled from the box last night and wanted to return.

I guess her an her husband were looking to get rid of rubbish and my donation was an easy thing to think about dumping.

She hands over this deck of cards, used, pink cardboard case, has a naked lady on the front and is titled... wait for it... Transexuals.

Which is nice.

How do you convince someone that the cards aren't yours? You can't. There's nothing you can do to avoid the embarrassment, nowhere to look, no place to throw the cards away. You're in work, and you're going red (or at least trying not to, as much as deep breathing will help that), and you're being asked your sexual persuasion.

Even joking about it doesn't help the embarrassment of, 'Well, shucks, I don't know where that's from. It looks used, have you washed your hands?'

Thank God for shredders is all I can say. Why he can't make them accept greater throughput without jamming is beyond me though. We just managed to get them all in before the health and safety lady stopped by.

Transexuals for crying out loud! Transexuals! What do you say to something like that?

'Thanks, my lady-boy-friend was looking for those!'

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