Thursday, April 12, 2007

A dog with 8 bones... er... 6!

Okay, let's recap. I've got several balls about to fly up in the air. I need to prioritise:
  1. The Library Book - I've begun another rewrite on chapter 1 - I need to increase pace, focus the viewpoint and develop suspense through better choosing my descriptions
  2. Dark Machine - My screenplay now needs writing
  3. Monologues - it looks to me as though I'm not going to get these done. I need to rewrite Winter Kills and It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time (entries to the previous two Litopia compos) into monologue format, and write a new one as my third element - the theme of the Arts festival being Identity... hmmm
  4. Litopia's 4th competition is up and the clock is ticking - The Reckoning - based upon previous winners I need to pay attention to the zeitgeist. The last winner was a comedy (It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time being in its very nature a comedic suggestion). My previous effort tried to subvert that. The Reckoning, is clearly horror based, and though people say you should avoid horror because it always ends up being a chase and evasion with possibly murder of some grotesque nature at the end, I have to push myself to try.
  5. The first Litopia podcast went live, and is really amazing. I WANT to be able to do something for the next one... or at least for a future one... but what?
  6. Author Salley Vickers will be attending Sandhurst Library in a couple of weeks - I wonder if, as well as doing my usual write up, I might be able to interview her? Possibly for a segment on Litopia's podcast? Would my dictaphone be of good enough quality?

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