Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Pulled, and returned

Faced with your own blog, the possibility that you only write on it to feel special, and a slap in the face about your lack of responsibility over what you've posted... leading to realisations over copyright/plagerism, and gah! Just what it must be like to read about yourself in someone elses blog - despite them not naming you.

So, I deleted the copyright material and pulled the whole blog... for a day!

Is that all? Is that enough to make reparations?

How can you continue to blog with an awareness that now, you're being watched?

I guess you just do. With thanks to, I'm glad to say, my friend whose work I showed no respect to, who told me to lighten up over my writing... and everything I guess. Shadowed also by Solvey, a writer doesn't give up, a writer struggles through the phases of depression, picks themselves up and gets going.

Now, I can't help but sound self-concious, but I am addressing you the reader, for once. If you want to write, you get on and write... sound advice, I've much needed.

Now then, onwards with the Monologues!

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