Monday, February 19, 2007

Staring down the barrel of a 1 day weekend

Up and down. Just been to the dentist - lost my gold award for perfect teeth. I'm brushing too hard and whittling back my gums creating a lovely horse-like grin and a sensitive blush thanks to hot and cold food. Wow! Thanks, me.

You try to do everything right and what do you get? You're just scrubbing your gums to spite your teeth. 'They'll never grow back,' says the dentist... so, cheers for that.

On another note, I just worked this saturday (or rather spent the day reading), and now that my colleague is off this saturday I might have to work then too... and then... and then... I might be starting the NAW course (if none of the other students have read this blog and hate my guts) and will have to work every saturday until the hereafter.

I will have to cancel my every arranged weekend away. Shucks, this sucks. Humpf.

AND, I'm going to have to see the hygenist (though it can't be that important because I have to wait until May).

At least I'm not going to the chiropractor until Thursday. SIGH. But then I'm feeling so very tight... toight, like a toiger!

Ups and downs.

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