Thursday, February 22, 2007


+ Had yesterday off to do some DIY (got dad round)
- Took the whole day to fit one door
+ Managed to re-grout the shower
- The grout is too old, and I realised this morning that it refuses to dry.
+ I'm on the NAW course
- There's confusion over the times (no longer will I need the whole day off on a wednesday - it's 6-8pm... meaning I drive for 2 hours, stay for 2, drive home for 2) Knackering
+ Great reception about my short story for the Litopia competition:

I really like it Richard - I particularly like the evocative nature of the story through the use of smells (lavender, burnt toast, coffee, the sickly sweet smell that pervaded the mortuary. mothballs etc) and the close examination of human actions (stroked my fringe with his soft warm fingers, watched a tremor pass across her furrowed brow etc) and most of all, your use of language is brilliant (the rainfall of tears in my hair, it hung around the church spire spitting angrily, dribbled the rancid flesh back into the bowl, swinging from the bannister; a wraithlike wind chime etc). The final moments when you realise the truth about the father and the devastation the daughter must feel are very well written with just enough detail to evoke sadness shock and empathy in the reader.Have you been reading 'Perfume' by Patrick Suskind?

Love the story Richard. I LOVE "The sky was forced..................etc and
the "Swans" paragraph. Overall, I think the "surprise" at the end makes it a cracking short!

- Solvejg is entering the competition this time round
+ I've got chiro in two hours time
- My neck aches so much I'm certain I've been using my head to bash through walls.

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