Thursday, February 08, 2007

Unnatural Movements

Just been reading Solvejg's blog: and his latest post on Spiders. He makes the point about unnatural movements, or movements that change between characters...

I've made my chief antagonist in the opening of The Library Book expressed in terms of her spells (snake-like) and her physical appearance (tree-like). I might... er... will need to go back and make sure I keep ramping this up for all her movements from Rodan's pov, but more importantly I must keep giving my witches (the antagonists) these strange animalistic/other worldly references to their manners and movements. Something has altered the way they exist amongst other men. Is it the magic? Or is it just the fearful projection of the goodies?

New thought:

Great stone tablet of a book at the library centre, in a room with no entrance or exit. Upon it is catalogued every activity that occurs inside the library... but what if it is written hours before it happens?

There is a subplot emerging in my mind relating to time travel, the loss of your soul to the being who controls time... and an origin story!

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