Monday, February 16, 2009

New Thriller Author - Matt Hilton

Here's a shout out to new thriller writer, Matt Hilton, who was signed to LBA last year and agent, Luigi Bonomi.

An informative interview with Matt's arrival (per se) can be read on Col Bury's New Crime Fiction blog.

I find it's always useful to read this stuff as it reminds you how long it takes from getting an agent to publication - often longer dependent upon the state of the manuscript. It also helps you think about how many new authors are in Matt's situation as we wade into our recession, and wonder what could happen to some as publishing houses cut themselves to shreds as they attempt to survive!

Good luck, Matt!

1 comment:

Matt Hilton said...

Hi there and thank you very much for the mention. I appreciate it very much. Hope you didn't mind me linking to your site, maybe I should have asked first.
All the very best