Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Emotional Topographies - Part 2

Looking now at the emotionality of MG Harris's Invisible City

Invisible City - Page 1
  • Troubled - too many thoughts
  • Alone and with dark thoughts
Invisible City - Page 2
  • Foreshadowing through being unaware
  • Joyful past time interrupted
  • Slow realisation of reveal
  • Mounting tension
Invisible City - Page 3
  • False emotion of others and avoidance
  • Dread and thoughts of the worst kind
  • Momentary denial
  • Tactile dislocation from emotion
  • Emotional dislocation from tactile - horror and anger
Invisible City - Page 4
  • Body takes over where the mind can't comprehend
  • Avoid restraint of physical contact and unleash aggression
  • Sickness and horror
  • Submit to physical contact and thoughts of reversal
  • Tears
  • Kernel of denial, something to clutch at
Invisible City - Page 5
  • Searching for the silver lining, the logical truth
  • Sadness in the face of reality
  • True horror - the body shock
Invisible City - Page 6
  • Emotional shut down
  • Mechanical reactions
  • Playing over the scenes
  • Placing blame and unable to absorb anything
  • Taking responsibility
Invisible City - Page 7
  • Looking for the chance of optimism
  • How he should be reacting and how he is reacting
The remainder of the chapter enters into blog posts that cover a reanalysis of what must have happened in the plane crash, but we've got all we need from those first seven pages. Another opening jammed with emotionality.

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