Tuesday, January 09, 2007

NAW Begins

Well less than a week now before I begin the course. Still 500 words left to right before submitting to my course tutor and my mind is on other things... namely the lower back pain that I'm worried is the return of Shingles. I had an itch down in the empty pus sack on my back where I caught it previously some 13 years ago and it got me worried. I wouldn't be able to go do my course if I caught it. Suddenly I'd be Mr Infectious. Certainly, the friends I'm going to stay with would be in danger - their daughter and the unborn baby especially. Guilt versus my need to start moving my life forward.

Someone prodded my kidneys, got me to bend in different directions - looks like starting up ballroom dancing against last night is using muscles I don't normally associate with the couch - ow. Got to drink fluids and keep moving, suck in that gut and think about the next short story... and the last 500 words.

How do I keep motivated on that front?

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