Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Preparing myself for the presentations held none of the stress I thought it might. Anxieties over being able to follow up the other class members' presentations were not present within me, which I think has a lot to do with representing my brother's case and my learning to come to terms with speaking in front of people - empowering myself to get on and talk rather than worrying about talking. I did have a slight fear that my topic wasn't in line with those of the others, but felt that it had an important role in the schema of the course, which was further highlighted by one of the students saying that in her school she had no idea what work Education Welfare did. If we do move into helping work I think now that we will think more about whether or not Education Welfare involvement might assist helpees.

It is good to get an overview of the various agencies and organisations available to support people across society - and for me in particular the realisation that these services run small courses that may fill the next year while I decide where I wish to take my skills next in the absence of pursuing a course as I have done this year.

In the triad work I observed both helpers, and provided a level set of feedback that highlighted for me, and I hope for them, that their skills are there and they simply need to relax more into their roles. Both lacked in reflection and summary, and they needed to approach paraphrasing with a little less speed, but they did have knowledge of them and good call upon them for use.

Both communicated effectively the levels of their expertise and the boundaries of confidentiality and time. I understood that one of the helpers in particular was at odds with the needs of the helpee. She kept her own agenda to herself throughout and it wasn't until afterwards when she explained this that I was able to relay my own views on the matter and how I perceived she might be feeling about that difference.

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