Thursday, July 02, 2009

Hello from Hollywood


I managed to go for over a month without a blog entry - that's bad. Real bad.

In the meantime, I'm now 30 (nervous breakdown which included muchos Guitar Hero Drumming, alci-frol and some ruminating over aforementioned manuscript - aforementioned some months ago that is).

Still not disciplined to just get on with it. Wrote 2800 words yesterday though. So, sporadically trying to attack it from various angles - lots of planning still in the offing, so that's good. Only another 16 and a bit chapters to tackle. Keep it bitesized.

Anyhoo, it's been a hell of a week hasn't it, folks? Last Friday's MJ death coincided with the first live Litopia After Dark podcast recording, with Amanda Lees, Donna Ballman, Eve Harvey and yours truly, meeting up with Agent Pete, and his Producer, BBC Director and great sport, Andrew Gillman.

Which was a crazy affair on a very hot day in London where every shop and bar was playing only Michael Jackson music.

In the meantime, LiToon has been going from strength to strength. If you haven't caught it yet, get on over to Litopia.

Today LiToon really went global after Nia Vardalos (Screenwriter and Actress of My Big Fat Greek Wedding) mistakenly commissioned me to write her a script with guns so that she could jump Hollywood's genre niches.

The result will go live on Friday - you can find the link on Twitter :)

In the meantime, check out what Nia says, and particularly what a Hollywood Actress's Twitter can do for you as advertisement. I'm over the moon.

At time of going to press (SIC) clicks were at 51... They're still going up. I'll have to work with Nia again. She was a pro. ;)

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