Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Vote for the Podcast

If you enjoy the podcast, please vote for us every month at Podcast Alley, the site that produces the "top ten" podcast charts every month.

Just click on this link:

Fill in your e-mail and don't forget to confirm your vote when their e-mail arrives a few minutes later.

Charts are prepared monthly, so please vote regularly!


esruel said...

Hmmmm. Stopped listening a while back: same people, too much giggling, not enough deep thought. May have been because there were too many subjects. How can anyone vote without listening to all the other podcasts - which is impossible if you have things to do. I'd recommend anyone to listen, but I wouldn't try to persuade. Just listen - that's the true vote. Probably just me.

R1X said...

:) Weakness in the system me-thinks. You can't listen to them all. But then, people don't necessarily watch/listen to all the movies/songs when they vote for their faves in a poll. It's all about advertising and supporting your friends, I s'pose.

esruel said...

I know: Britain's Got More Writing Talent! That'll get the voters in! ;-)
Well, you got my support - but only if you write that book!

Nick Poole said...

I got bored with it too.

After dark? There is nothing to justify that title.

It seems to be the same people agreeing with each other and trying to squeeze some jokes out of Osc.

I'm sure it's lots of fun to do, but perhaps give a bit of thought for entertaining the audience? Either some gravitas or at least occasional dissent might help.

esruel said...

The funniest guy used to be Icedune. Wonder if he's still around. I had a rather anarchic idea that maybe Rich and Ice could take control of a show, just to see what might happen. It's a good podcast, don't get me wrong, just I felt it needed a bit more anarchy. A bit of revolution. Then again, it's not mine to lose or mess up, so maybe I'm just plain wrong. I do hope it carries on and gets better over time. Great things can take some doing! Come on Rich, write that book lol

R1X said...

It definitely needs new panelists - Peter is managing to wrangle some actual writers for us (tee hee), and yes, we need to stop agreeing - though, how can you disagree when you don't believe the opposite? :)