Sunday, March 30, 2008

Litopia After Dark: The End Of Civilisation As We Know It

People are getting dumber, the world is sinking into entropy and signs of decline and fall are all around. So why are we bothering with Litopia After Dark this week? Well, someone has to sort it out!

The Queen’s English is on the endangered list - but does it matter? Katie Price has a book in the running for a major award but she’s not the writer - do we care? Disney have turned our beloved Famous Five into a Hollywood cartoon - should we stop the meddling money-spinners?

Also, Bret-Easton Ellis didn’t care then and doesn’t care now, comic books stultify the imagination and kids read Heat magazine. What can we do to stop this linguistic rot?

This week, to contemplate the last rays of sunlight over intellectual Armageddon our panellists are Dave Bartram, Beverly Gray and Richard Howse. Our very special guest this week is best-selling children’s author MG Harris.

Links mentioned in the show…

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