Saturday, February 02, 2008

Cloverfield & No Country For Old Men

It's not often that I do a double-whammy at the cinema, but yesterday I took the hit and kind of got the order wrong, choosing the fast-paced Cloverfield before the slow-burning and understated No Country.

Best to do them t'other way round, I think now. So, last first: No Country was good. Slower than the book. But still very good. Worthy, indeed, of anyone who likes a character movie that doesn't explain overtly the decisions a character makes.

Cloverfield on the other hand, is Blair Witch meets War of the Worlds meets Godzilla. It's a B-movie, a popcorn movie, rarely any sense that anyone knows what's going on, but absolutely brilliant. It's scary, it's dizzy-handycam work and you can't help being sucked in.

Anyhoo, was hoping to get Juno in too, and write a lot more here, but seeing as it's holiday time in exactly one hour, I've got to get ready.

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