Sunday, November 25, 2007

Litopia After Dark Podcast 1

Recorded live and uncensored, LITOPIA AFTER DARK is a wide-ranging look at what’s new, hot or not in the worlds of writing, publishing, media and culture.

I was involved in this, the first in a new series of writer/publishing discussions, on Friday night and I must say that it was good fun, and as a tester session worked very well using Skype. It's a brilliant medium for discussions of this kind and hopefully you'll find it an enjoyable listen (just ignore the idiot that keeps saying "you know")

  • The Amazon Kindle
  • Tom Cruise's new unauthorised biography
  • Bloomsbury's Redundancies
  • Current Reads and Recommendations
For more information or to listen to the podcast, head on over to Litopia's Podcast page.


esruel said...

Hey, I listened to the Litopia podcast for the very first time today. It was good - and not least your notable contribution to it!
Next stop TV and The Book Programme!

R1X said...

One problem with the Book Programme... I can't read! But seriously, thanks for listening. It'll be interesting to see how many people listen to it - last podcast was 4500. Let's hope it keeps going up :)